Advertise Your Liquor Brand
To A Truly Captive & Thirsty Audience

Offering More Than “Food for Thought” while they wait...
Other then the traditional table tents, posters and neon signs, rarely do liquor brands have such a unique, eye catching opportunity as this, to promote their spirits at the exact point of purchase, at a time when it is most effective and in a way that offers an unmatched ROI. Nightclub, bar and restaurant patrons will be saying, "I want one of those", after they see your brand in action displayed on Motion Menus Video Signage.

Serve Your Liquor Brand To A Thirsty Audience During Point-Of-Sale!
Motion Menus brings drinks and food dishes to life in vibrant Ultra Hi-Definition video on bar and waiting area TVs. As the visually stimulating content reaches its attentive audience, all eyes are glued to the screens -- the perfect time to present your liquor brand!

Motion Menus helps you:
• Increase your brand exposure to a large targeted audience
• Attract more customers
• Reach the right people at the right time
• Continuously launch or introduce new flavors
• Build your presence in the fastest growing advertising medium

• Drive traffic to your website and social media channels
• Deliver impressions that last

By the numbers:
• Average yearly customer traffic count of 150,000+ customers per location
• Nearly 7 in 10 customers have purchased a product because digital signage caught their eye
• 80% of brands experienced an increase of up to 33% additional sales due to video signage
• 83% of people recall at least one ad seen on video signage in the last 30 days
• Capture 400+% more views with video signage than static  displays alone
• $125-$275 per location, per month advertising cost (inquire for more pricing details)

Motion Menus
puts your brand In front of thousands of potential customers.

Start Attracting More Customers!

It only takes a moment to start the process of entertaining your guests and boosting sales with Motion Menus. Please email or call us to tell us about your business so we can help you achieve your goals and beyond.

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